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Control measure
Emergency response plans

Control measure knowledge

The Civil Contingencies Act (CCA) places a responsibility on Category 1 responders to produce and have in place emergency plans, which may include procedures for determining whether an emergency has occurred.

There is a generic national framework for managing emergency response and recovery, irrespective of the size, nature and cause of an emergency. It also identifies the various tiers of single and multi-agency management, defining the relationship between them and a common framework within which individual agencies can develop their own plans and procedures.

For further information see Emergency Response and Recovery Guidance (England and Wales), Responding to Emergencies in Scotland and Emergency Planning, Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service

Strategic actions

Fire and rescue services should:
  • Consider the roles and responsibilities of the fire and rescue service at emergency incidents when developing emergency plans
  • Ensure that emergency plans are produced. Plans should be developed in consideration of the following:

    • Anticipation - horizon scanning for risks and potential emergencies
    • Preparedness - a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities and how they fit into the wider, multi-agency picture
    • Subsidiarity - managing operations and making decisions at the lowest appropriate level
    • Direction - establishing a clear and unambiguous strategic aim and objectives
    • Information - information management and appropriate preparatory measures being in place to build situational awareness and the development of a Common Recognised Information Picture (CRIP)
    • Integration - multi-agency involvement, roles and prominence
    • Co-operation - inclusive decision making processes, openness and mutual trust
    • Continuity - using established experience, expertise, resources and relationships to manage and respond to emergencies in the usual way

Tactical actions

Incident commanders should:
  • Access any available emergency response plan and implement appropriate predetermined actions