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Digital and Data



The Digital and Data Programme helps the NFCC meet one of its four strategic commitments - to lead digital and data solutions to drive transformation. This will enable services to improve the way they collect, store, use and present data, manage information and, make best use of digital technology.

The programme takes an outcomes-based approach under three broad headings. The first focuses on understanding and sharing what digital activity fire and rescue services are doing to bring about efficiencies in their services and to help bring about opportunities for collaboration and economies of scale.

The second part is our work to support fire and rescue service by negotiating and adding value at a national level to leverage access to digital and data sources for the benefit of all.

The final area is about developing a future vision for the digitally transformed fire and rescue service that builds on what we know now, learning from other more advanced sectors and setting out a path to digital transformation.

The programme is currently mapping out its project delivery. All products developed through the Digital and Data Programme will be available here.