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Relationship to pay and terms and conditions for Firefighters

The improvement areas identified within this proposal are at service level and will be used in a variety of contexts.  One of those contexts is to inform the pay and conditions of employees. 

The National Employers (England) would need to negotiate with the Employee representatives any changes in roles, pay and other terms and conditions for Firefighters in England necessary to support these improvements. This will ensure that changes are rooted in providing improved services to the public, based on sound evidence and risk.

The implications of the improvement areas identified in this proposal on the roles of staff, along with the changes that need to be agreed and the value of the benefits of those changes is within a business case that is separate to this proposal. That business case will be made to the English government for funding to support an appropriate pay settlement for firefighters. 

The general context and many of the issues identified in this document are faced by fire and rescue services across the UK, including within devolved government areas. There has already been engagement within and through the UK-wide NJC.