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How to tell us what you think of Fit for the Future

Please note that the engagement exercise for Fit for the Future has now closed. The responses have been gathered and we are in the process of analysing the feedback. You are, or course, still welcome to read and review the content published here. We are grateful for your time and feedback.

In the sections that follow, we present you with 11 improvement objectives. As you read through, we'd like you to consider how we can meet them and what may prevent them from being achieved. 

When you are ready, we would like you to complete a survey to tell us what you think by prioritising a short list of perceived barriers. Please choose 1 for the biggest barrier, then 2, 3 and so on in priority order. This way we can more clearly understand what may prevent us from moving forward and consider the support needed to navigate these challenges.

In addition to prioritising the perceived barriers, we would like you to consider a further question related to the impact that Covid-19 may have on each of the improvement objectives.

The closing date for completing the survey was 19 November 2020.

We are grateful for your time and help with the survey.