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Appendix B – Example Ofcom Licence


Business Radio (Police and Fire) - LICENCE


Licensing Unit: Ofcom Licensing Centre

Telephone: 020 7981 3131

0300 123 1000

Fax: 020 7981 3235


Customer Ref No:

Following your recent application for a Business Radio (Police and Fire) licence, please find enclosed your licence document which contains the terms and conditions governing the legal operation of your system. Please check the document carefully to ensure the licence meets your requirements. If you consider that it does not, you should contact Ofcom within one calendar month of the date of this letter at the address shown above.

At a later date, if you wish to make any changes to your installation, you can apply to do so using an amendment form available from the Ofcom website ( However, any changes to your radio system must not be carried out until you have received authorisation from Ofcom.

Similarly, if you make changes to the accounts address or any other contact address, please inform Ofcom immediately so that our records can be updated. Please always quote your Customer Account Number/Licence Number when contacting us.

Your licence is an important document. Please keep it - and any subsequent documents - in a safe place for future reference.

Ofcom’s preferred method of payment is by direct debit and a direct debit mandate is available from the Ofcom website at should you choose to pay by this method.

Yours faithfully,


Andrew Jacks

Download example licence