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Pre-incident procedures

All personnel have responsibilities for the organisation, planning and implementation of breathing apparatus procedures before, during and following incidents. Arrangements should be in place to ensure that on deployment, BA wearers are sufficiently prepared and equipped to carry out the tasks they are given.

Fire and rescue services should:

  • Ensure that personnel required to wear BA are fit (as set out in local procedures) to carry out that role
  • Ensure that personnel required to wear BA are suitably trained and practised in the procedures detailed in this foundation document
  • Ensure that suitable and sufficient testing, maintenance and servicing arrangements are in place for BA equipment, including associated ancillary equipment
  • Provide the means to log and record BA set and associated equipment test results 

Role and responsibilities of the supervisory manager

The supervisory manager will:

  • Ensure that the appropriate tests of BA and associated equipment are carried out and that test records are accurately maintained
  • Ensure that defective equipment is removed and reported as defective and that replacement equipment is obtained as soon as possible
  • Ensure that BA and associated equipment is maintained in a clean, safe and serviceable condition and is available for operational use
  • Nominate suitably qualified and competent individuals to wear BA
  • Nominate a suitably qualified and competent individual to assume the duties of BA entry control operative
  • Nominate any other role required for the management of BA operations

Role and responsibilities of the BA entry control operative

The nominated BA entry control operative will:

  • Examine and test the BA entry control board to ensure serviceability
  • Examine the BA tabard(s)
  • Ensure the availability of BA ancillary equipment
  • Ensure the availability and operation of emergency air supply equipment (if provided)
  • Check and, where practicable, adjust the BA entry control board clock to the correct time
  • Report any defects or omissions to the supervisory manager

Role and responsibilities of the BA wearer

The nominated BA wearer will:

  • Ensure that before using BA, the apparatus is checked to ensure it is functioning correctly by carrying out the tests prescribed by the fire and rescue service in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions. A BA set that fails a test must not be worn until the reason for the failure is rectified.
  • As soon as practicable after completing the appropriate tests, record the outcome in accordance with fire and rescue service procedures
  • Ensure that their competencies for their BA role and associated tasks are maintained
  • Report any defects or omissions to the supervisory manager
  • Be aware of all nominated BA command and control roles and personnel, including the BA team leader, the person responsible for the BA entry control point and the BA entry control operative
  • Achieve and maintain a satisfactory face-fit seal before deployment.