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Suggested working abbreviations for use on BA entry control boards

It is recommended that fire and rescue services use the following abbreviations on breathing apparatus entry control boards to achieve consistency across BA entry control points and fire and rescue authorities. All personnel at an incident should use the same abbreviations.

NOTE:  Whilst working abbreviations may be deemed appropriate for use on the BA entry control board at an incident, for brevity, speed of completion in time-critical situations and due to space constraints on the BA board, any additional BA records maintained at the BA entry control point or at BA sector command should be written in full.


Branch guideline (1, 2, 3, 4)


Compartment firefighting team


Casualty located


Communication equipment; including handheld radio, line communications and integral BA set communications


Compartment search procedure


Directional search procedure


Firefighting team


Hose management


Hose reel jet


Main jet/branch (45mm, 51mm, 70mm)


Left-hand (denoting orientation of search)


Main guideline (A, B)




Right-hand (denoting orientation of search)


Search and rescue team


Thermal image camera


Team leader


Time of warning device


Time to whistle


BA Team communication with BA entry control examples

Example 1: House fire (stage 1)

1. BA team Alpha-1: FFT 45mm J RH DSP 1st floor bedroom

= BA team Alpha-1: firefighting team, 45mm jet, right-hand, directional search procedure, 1st floor bedroom


2. BA team Alpha-2: HM for Alpha-1 RH DSP 1st floor bedroom

= BA team Alpha- 2: hose management for BA team Alpha-1, right-hand directional search procedure,1st floor bedroom

Example 2: Commercial structure (Stage 2, multiple BA entry control points and BA guidelines in use)

1. BA team Alpha-3: CFFT for Alpha-4, 45mm J RH MGLA ground floor

= BA team Alpha 3: compartment firefighting team, supporting BA team Alpha-4, 45mm jet, following main guideline ‘A’.


2. BA team Alpha-4: MGLA, RH-lay ground floor

= BA team Alpha-4 laying main guideline ‘A’ on right-hand lay ground floor.


3. BA team Alpha-5: HM for Alpha-3, 45mm J RH MGLA ground floor

= BA team Alpha-5: hose management for BA team Alpha-3, 45mm jet, right hand, following main guideline ‘A’.


4. BA team Bravo-1: SRT LH CSP 45mm J 1st floor

= BA team Bravo-1: search and rescue team, left-hand, Compartment search procedure, 45mm jet on 1st floor.


5. BA team Bravo-2: HM for Bravo 1 LH 45mm J CSP first floor

= BA team Bravo-2: hose management for BA team Bravo-1, left-hand, 45mm jet, Compartment search procedure on 1st floor