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Single BA wearer

In certain circumstances, it may be appropriate to deploy a single breathing apparatus wearer to carry out a specific task. Stage 1 BA entry control procedures apply when deploying a single BA wearer.  See also, Deployment of BA Wearers – Operational practice


Operational practice

The use of single BA wearers is only permissible when:

  • Operations are not inside a building or structure
  • Undertaking low-risk activities
  • The BA wearer’s gauge has been checked and their cylinder contents recorded
  • The wearer’s BA tally has been placed in a BA entry control board with suitable and sufficient details entered
  • The BA wearer can be removed quickly from the risk area
  • The BA wearer can always be seen by the incident commander or other nominated crew member

Role and responsibilities of the incident commander

The incident commander will:

  • Initiate the use of Stage 1 single deployment BA procedures following a suitable and sufficient assessment of risks versus likely benefits
  • Inform the fire control room that Stage 1 single deployment procedures are in use
  • Establish arrangements for communication between the BA wearer, the person monitoring BA wearer and the incident commander

Role and responsibilities of the BA entry control operative

The BA entry control operative will:

  • Receive the tally of the BA wearer and check that the name of the wearer and the cylinder pressure at the time they enter the risk area are correct
  • Enter the ‘time in’ on the tally
  • Record BA wearer’s entry and monitor the estimated air supply
  • Place the tally in a slot on the BA entry control board

Role and responsibilities of the crew member monitoring the BA wearer

The monitoring crew member will:

  • Maintain visual contact with the BA wearer
  • Monitor the activities and working environment of the BA wearer
  • Establish and maintain communications with the BA wearer and incident commander

Role and responsibilities of the BA wearer

The BA wearer will:

  • Not enter any building or structure
  • Remain in view of the monitoring crew member
  • Maintain communication with the monitoring crew member