Name Acronym Description
Maritime Safety Information MSI

Internationally agreed system for promulgating information on weather, sea conditions and navigational hazards

Master of Vessel

Captain, commander or first officer of a ship or person in charge of a vessel or craft

Media Technical Briefer MTB

Provided by the nuclear site operator to provide input to press conferences and media briefings ahead of the Government Technical Advisor’s arrival.

Medical Link Call

Service enabling a vessel or craft at sea to obtain medical advice from a qualified doctor, via radio or satellite

Military / MOD Coordinating Authority

Provides Government Liaison Officer in the event of an accident at a defence nuclear site.

Military Liaison Officer MLO

Officer appointed by the regional military headquarters to act as the point of contact within a civilian authority’s command and control structure

Miniature detonating cord MDC

May also be referred to as a linear cutting cord (LCC) or a mild detonating cord. This is an explosive cord around or within military aircraft canopies/escape systems that once operated will explode outwards, shattering the canopy material to allow the seat to pass through easily.

Missing Persons Enquiry Unit

Element within the Casualty Bureau responsible for receiving enquiries from the public and recording details of missing person

Mobile operations manager MOM

Generally respond to any incident involving the safe operation of the railway. These people can then be appointed to become the rail incident officer (RIO) at incidents.

MOD Headquarters Defence Nuclear Emergency Organisation HQ DNEO

Provides advice on MOD on MOD operational policy and military advice to the Government crisis management organisation following an emergency, including one arising through terrorist acts, involving Defence nuclear assets.

Multi Agency Incident Transfer MAIT

Information can be transferred electronically to various agencies instantaneously providing a clear understanding of assistance required.

National Arrangements for Incidents Involving Radioactivity NAIR

A National advice scheme coordinated by Health Protection Agency to provide advice and assistance to the emergency services with incidents involving radioactivity where no formal contingency plans exist.

National Chemical Emergency Centre NCEC

The National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC) offers a 24-hour emergency hazardous materials response service that provides fast, trusted and up-to-the-minute advice to both the emergency services and businesses around the world. It is based in Harwell, Oxfordshire and operates under the CHEMSAFE scheme.

National frameworks NCAF

National Co-ordination and Advisory Framework - England
Fire and Rescue National Framework - Wales
Fire and Rescue Framework - Scotland
Corporate Plan and Annual Business Plan – Northern Ireland

National Scenic Areas NSA

In Scotland, sites identified with outstanding scenery that require special protection from inappropriate development. Refer to National Scenic Areas Scotland for more information

Natural Resources Wales

Natural Resources Wales is a Welsh Government sponsored body it was formed from a merger of the Countryside Council for Wales, Environment Agency Wales, and the Forestry Commission Wales, and also assumes some other roles formerly taken by Welsh Government. (Welsh: Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru)

Nuclear Accident Response Organisation NARO

Ministry of Defence (MOD) agency responsible for response to an accident or incident, including one arising through terrorist acts, involving defence nuclear assets

Nuclear Emergency Planning Liaison Group NEPLG

A Forum which brings together, under Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) chairmanship, a wide range of organisation with interest in off-site planning for an emergency at civil and defence nuclear sites.

Polychlorinated biphenyls PCB

A group of manmade compounds that were widely used in electrical equipment, but which were banned at the end of the 1970s in many countries because of environmental concerns.

Public Health England PHE

Public Health England is an executive agency of the Department of Health in the United Kingdom. Its formation came as a result of reorganisation of the National Health Service (NHS) in England outlined in the Health and Social Care Act 2012. It took on the role of the Health Protection Agency, the National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse and a number of other health bodies


A company limited by guarantee that offers mutual assistance in the event of a transport accident involving radioactive materials belonging to a RADSAFE member.

RAF regional liaison officer RAFRLO

The RAFRLO liaises with the civilian emergency services and local authorities to provide a conduit between the military, civilian agencies and other government departments as required.

Rail Accident Investigation Branch RAIB

The independent railway accident investigation organisation for the UK. It investigates railway accidents on the UK's railways to improve safety, not to establish blame.

Rail Incident Commander RIC

Strategic level commander appointed by Network Rail for incidents involving infrastructure controlled by Network Rail

Railway Safety Directorate

Part of the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) responsible for generally monitoring the effectiveness of the safety regime on Britain's railways. It also conducts research on rail safety and reports on trends in railway incidents and accidents.