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Control measure

Branches and nozzles

Control measure knowledge

A branch pipe, or branch as it is normally referred to, is used at the delivery end of a hose line to increase velocity and to provide an effective firefighting stream.

Branches are divided into three principal classes:

  • Those that yield a stream in the form of a jet, which cannot be controlled by the operator
  • Those that provide for some form of control by shutting off the jet, adjusting the flow rate, altering its shape or size, or changing its character, such as converting it into a spray
  • Those which are used exclusively as hose reels

Special equipment, such as cutting extinguisher firefighting equipment may be used to achieve a rapid intervention at a fire before the start of offensive operations. This type of equipment may be used to reduce temperature, the rate of burning and the speed of firespread, before firefighters enter a compartment, or while waiting for further resources to arrive.

Refer to the Firefighting equipment knowledge sheets for information on branches

Strategic actions

Fire and rescue services should:
  • Develop tactical guidance and support arrangements for the hazards that may be encountered and actions to be taken when selecting and using the appropriate branches and nozzles for firefighting
  • Procure, or make arrangements to provide, appropriate equipment capable of providing safe systems of work for all foreseeable circumstances

Tactical actions

Incident commanders should:
  • Select appropriate hose and branches based on risk assessment and identified flow rates