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Control measure

Select appropriate firefighting equipment: Fires on board vessels

Control measure knowledge

The vessel's personnel may have on-board firefighting systems available or in operation, such as foam monitors and water spray systems.

Specialist vessel firefighting equipment could include:

  • On-board fixed installations
    • Carbon dioxide
    • Inert gas
    • Foam
    • Water mist
    • Dry powder
    • Steam
  • International ship-to-shore connection
  • A selection of firefighting couplings and controllable breechings
  • A selection of hoses and branches
  • Flat fan sprays and other flow-controlled branches
  • Cutting extinguisher firefighting equipment

Strategic actions

Fire and rescue services should:
  • Make arrangements to provide appropriate firefighting equipment to support vessel firefighting operations, where there is an anticipated risk

Tactical actions

Incident commanders should:
  • Liaise with the vessel's personnel regarding the available on-board firefighting facilities and teams 

  • Choose the appropriate firefighting equipment available and brief crews on its use