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This section of National Operational Guidance identifies the hazards and control measures that should be considered when writing policies for dealing with fires in buildings. For the purposes of this guidance buildings are defined as "permanent surface or sub-surface structures that are partially or wholly covered”.

It contains information relating to various types of building design and construction materials. It also describes how building facilities and systems can impact on fire and rescue service intervention. The guidance recognises and reflects findings from significant incidents in the UK in recent years and draws on observations of relevant fires in buildings worldwide.

Depending on the nature and scale of the operational incident, a variety of significant hazards may be encountered. Where appropriate, other sections of National Operational Guidance should be referred to.

Guidance for fires in the built environment is supported by National Operational Guidance: Fires and firefighting, as it includes:

  • Fire and thermal radiation
  • Flashover, backdraught and fire gas ignition
  • Ventilation
  • Smoke and fire gases
  • Preventable damage