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Control measure

Consider the effects of ventilation

Control measure knowledge

A lack of compartmentation allows a good oxygen supply to the fire, compounding the hazard that fire can spread easily in an incomplete building. The breaches in compartmentation will provide good circulation to release hot gases and draw in fresh air. The level of completion of the building will determine whether the fire is fuel controlled or ventilation controlled.

Actions taken by firefighters, such as opening or closing windows or doors, may have an impact on fire development.

Refer to the control measure of 'Consider employing ventilation' in National Operational Guidance: Fires and firefighting for information about wind-driven fire and the Coandă effect.

Tactical actions

Incident commanders should:
  • Consider the impact of ventilation on the fire, including an assessment of:

    • Height of the building
    • Internal layout - consider the use of the building
    • Fire loading
    • Location of the fire
    • Wind speed and direction
  • Consider tactical ventilation
  • Consider making a tactical and controlled withdrawal