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Control measure

Give authority to operate or alter fixed installations

Control measure knowledge

When buildings are under construction or demolition there may be temporary fixed installations. Some fixed installations may not be fully operational and therefore not automatically operated in a fire.

These installations could possibly be triggered manually. Temporary sprinkler systems may be installed in some high-risk construction sites such as timber structures close to adjacent buildings.

Refer to the control measure of 'Operate or alter fixed installations' in National Operational Guidance: Fires in buildings for strategic actions and tactical actions.

Strategic actions

Fire and rescue services should:
  • Develop tactical guidance and support arrangements for the associated hazards and actions to take, enabling Incident Commanders to give authority to operate or alter fixed installations within buildings

Tactical actions

Incident commanders should:
  • Consider requesting specialist advice before attempting to alter or disable any fixed installation
  • Appoint appropriate personnel to manage the controls for the fixed installation (e.g. valves and switches)
  • Controls for fixed installations should not be altered unless the fire is under control, and only on the direct instruction of the incident commander
  • Consider isolating the sprinkler alarm to improve fire ground communications
  • Consider the impact of large volumes of water (e.g. damage and/or the environmental effects of water run off)
  • Ensure all operational activities and personnel are considered before changing the operation of any fixed installation