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Control measure

Establish scene safety and cordons: Fires in Waste Sites

Control measure knowledge

For further information, including strategic actions and tactical actions, refer to National Operational Guidance: Incident command - Structuring an incident. During a waste fire incident stacked materials can collapse with little or no warning. Therefore the cordon distances should take the stack heights and their stability into consideration.

Tactical actions

Incident commanders should:
  • Restrict the number of personnel in hazard or restricted areas
  • Record all access and egress into and out of the inner cordon, for fire and rescue service personnel and other agencies
  • Brief all personnel entering the risk area on hazards and restricted areas
  • Confirm the emergency evacuation procedure and signal
  • Take external specialist advice from, for example:

    • The responsible person or site specialist
    • Environmental agency
    • Public health agency
    • Police
    • Local authority
    • Industry experts