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Access and egress

Hazard Knowledge

Waste sites can be difficult to access due to site security, and may not provide safe access for emergency fire vehicles. Ground conditions may be poor and may not provide safe access for the responding fire and rescue service vehicles. Using unsuitable routes for emergency fire vehicles should be avoided.

There may be limited space for vehicles and equipment on-site and height restrictions may apply due to overhead power lines, bridges and so on. Therefore, rendezvous points (RVPs) and marshalling areas may need to be positioned off-site.

Security features, locked gates, barriers and barbed wire can potentially cause harm, especially to firefighters attempting to gain access via ladders.

Poor access and egress may also increase manual handling risks, such as carrying hose and equipment.

Maintaining safe access and egress is essential, as fires can spread quickly due to the large amounts of waste, inappropriate stacks and poor firebreaks.

Consideration should be given to preventing situations from developing, such as personnel being unable to escape in vehicles or by foot if exit routes are cut off.