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Publication 37_84 - The Use of Smoke Extracting Equipment in Fire Brigade Operations
Publication 36_87 - State of the Art Review of the Procedures and Techniques used in fire investigation
Publication 2_98 - Ventilation of Large Fires - The Use of Computer Modelling
Publication 2_93 - A Comparison of Various Foams When Used Against Large Scale Petroleum Fires
Publication 2_91 - Human Behaviour in Fires
Publication 2_2001 - An Experimental Investigation of Thermal Absorption by Water Sprays
Publication 1_97 - The Suppression and Extinction of Class A Fires Using Water Sprays
Publication 1_92 - A Study of Tank Farm Fires in Kuwait
Publication 17_96 - An Assessment of the Use of Positive Pressure Ventilation in Domestic Properties
Publication 16_85 - Trials of Methods of Foam Disposal Following Use of High Expansion Foam
Publication 15_96 - Fire Ventilation Trials
Publication 11_97 - An Assessment of the Use Positive Pressure Ventilation in an Unpressurised Stairwell
Publication 11_96 - Sprinklers for Life Safety in Shops - Survey of Shops
Publication 11_94 - An Investigation into a High Technology Alternative to breathing apparatus guidelines
Publication 11_83 - (reprint report 16_82 and SAB 10_81) Blast overpressure and fallout radiation dose models for casualty assessment and other purposes
Publication 10_92 - The Effect of Wind Speed on Escape Behaviour Through Emergency Exits
Planning For the Use of Bulk Foam Stocks
Operational Guidance - Railway Incidents
Operational Guidance - Operational Risk Information
Operational Guidance - National Co-ordination and Advisory (NCAF) Framework