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by the NFCC


Welcome to this revised National Operational Learning Good Practice Guide, designed to assist with capturing and sharing learning from operational activities.

As an integral assurance loop of National Operational Guidance, National Operational Learning facilitates continuous improvement in the fire and rescue service sector. It provides the methodology to:

  • Identify new or emerging risks
  • Monitor trends in the sector
  • Recommend remedial actions
  • Promote good practice
  • Share learning across all UK fire and rescue services

This guide presents good practice methods for capturing, categorising, evaluating and allocating operational learning across all operational activities within individual fire and rescue services. It also provides a route by which learning can be shared with other fire and rescue services, and the wider fire and rescue service sector.

The National Operational Learning Secretariat has developed this guide, bringing together information from across the fire and rescue service sector and from other high-hazard industries. It has been subject to wide consultation and engagement. The first edition of the good practice guide was endorsed by:

  • The Health and Safety Executive
  • The Local Government Association
  • The National Fire Chiefs Council
  • The Home Office

The National Operational Learning Secretariat recognises that the good practice described in this guide is not exhaustive and welcomes feedback or new ideas on emerging good practices.

Please note that throughout this guide the term ‘incidents’ can be applied to training for, preparing for and responding to operational incidents, including all fire control room activity that supports this.