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by the NFCC

Operational Learning Strategic Lead

Responsibilities and requirements:

  • Either be a member of the senior management board or have regular access to it and be able to influence its decision-making
  • Lead the Evaluation Board with the sufficient knowledge, skills and competence to evaluate and risk rate the outcomes from operational learning activities delivered by the SPoC
  • Lead the Evaluation Board to allocate outcomes from operational learning activities, identifying the appropriate departments, teams or individuals to address them
  • Lead the Evaluation Board to, risk assess internal information to decide on any escalation of the issue to the National Operational Learning (NOL) and JESIP Joint Organisational Learning (JOL) processes
  • Ensure that any changes resulting from outcomes from operational learning activities are implemented within their fire and rescue service
  • Ensure that a review of these changes takes place at an appropriate interval or frequency to ensure that changes are embedded in the fire and rescue service‚Äôs policies, procedures and tailored guidance