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Developed and maintained
by the NFCC

Single Point of Contact

Responsibilities and requirements:

  • Delivery of the operational learning activities outlined in this guide.
  • Manage the capture, categorisation, evaluation and allocation of outcomes from operational learning activities.
  • Have the sufficient resources, skills, knowledge and experience to analyse the information received and make decisions and suggestions to the Operational Learning Strategic Lead and the Evaluation board.
  • Ability to risk assess internal information to suggest the escalation of the issue to the National Operational Learning (NOL) and Joint Operational Learning (JOL) processes.
  • Ensure the information provided to the National Operational Learning (NOL) and Joint Operational Learning (JOL) processes is delivered promptly and to a high and accurate standard.
  • Manage the receipt of information into the service from the wider sector and arrange appropriate actions to be taken within their service using identified structures and processes.
  • Refer resource implications or issues to the appropriate senior management team as necessary.
  • Participate in regional operational learning forums and working groups
  • Participate in SPoC CPD events hosted by National Operational Learning