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Embed phase

National Operational Guidance (NOG) and National Operational Learning (NOL) implementation needs time to embed resulting in evidenced continuous improvement, constant learning and continuous engagement.

The change in culture must be established and sustained long after the project has been accomplished

To achieve this a service must first align: by completing an SGA, checking training specifications against training needs analysis, aligning training and policy, and doing a gap analysis and making sure the outcomes are contained in policy and training and are compliant with NOG.

Implement and adopt - Start to change documents so they do not repeat what NOG says, but instead pointing to where NOG says it. Products form part of the documents available to all employees via product packs for example. Implement via a robust model that stands up to scrutiny, engaging various stakeholders especially training departments. 

Embed - Have identified benefits and measures checking against them, validation and assessment of employees against those benefits. Embed training validation and assurance resulting in changes in behaviour. Firefighters acting in a new way exhibiting improved behaviours evidenced by operational assurance.