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Run as a project with a dedicated resource

The project is a high-level strategic objective. Implementation should be mapped out as a dedicated project utilising an accepted project management approach, ideally with a set resource to deliver the project in a specified timeframe. If this is not possible, services should make succession provision to account for any turnover in the project resources. Resource and employee turnover has been identified as one of the most fundamental issues that impacts National Operational Guidance (NOG) implementation.

A clear plan of what will be implemented when, and which stakeholders will be impacted, is hugely beneficial. The order of the implementation delivery should be prioritised with a robust rationale agreed by all stakeholders (for example, this may be implementing from the left to right of the NOG framework or based on a perceived risk-based approach). The dedicated resource will stop knowledge being lost midway through the project and avoid countless changes in direction. An agreed best approach should be put in place and written down at the beginning of the project, with strategic leads and impacted stakeholders. 

Timings of the project with stretch milestones should be written down and agreed with accountable stakeholders.

The team allocated to do this work would ordinarily be allocated to reviewing policies in service and assurance work. The implementation provides an opportunity to have a dedicated resource to perform a root and branch review of service policy and procedures. It will allow a service to properly assess the breadth of hazards personnel may encounter and the appropriate control measures to be applied.