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Strategic gap analysis

The strategic gap analysis (SGA) tool is an excellent starting point for National Operational Guidance (NOG) implementation, it enables a service to perform a root and branch review of its policy and procedure and to highlight any areas where it is not compliant or aligned to NOG. It also enables a service to complete a thorough documented narrative of compliance and actions for areas of non-compliance. Highlighting gaps, improvement opportunities and areas of exposed risk.

The SGA tool is designed to highlight the decisions that fire and rescue services need to take as an organisation to support the adoption of the NOG in service. The tool is based on the strategic actions contained in NOG, which identify the policy, procedure and training provisions that services should have in place. The digital tool has been designed to make it easy to perform gap analyses against the NOG. A gap analysis template exists for each NOG section, and hazards and control measures can be searched for.

When a service aligns to NOG using the SGA they have a single easily accessible source of service information which can be used to demonstrate how they are meeting their legislative requirements for use by the HMICFRS, during investigation internally and externally, and can be used as part of service audits either through internal or peer review.

The SGA can also be used as an assurance tool post NOG implementation to evidence the fact that guidance has been embedded and gaps no longer exist.

Strategic Gap Analysis user guide