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Clear vision and a platform for the end product

A clear vision of what the finished product will look like is will stop project drift, create consistent messaging and provide a framework for anyone coming in mid project. This includes document format, content and layout and the platform it will be housed on (examples can be found below in product pack and document layout section of the guide). It enables the setting of stretch targets and milestones and create momentum on deliverables.

To achieve this vision a baseline assessment of where a service is now and what is required to get to where they want to be in the future. This enables the service to identify what they need to do to get where they need to be and to identify the markers for success. A service can identify the measurable benefits the project wants to achieve at its completion such as; time efficiency for policy departments in the long term as less time will be required to review documents enabling them to use their time more productively and creatively, confidence in the currency of training materials and confidence in the currency and relevance of risk assessments. Evidenced improved behaviours, consistency of language used and a move toward an all-hazard approach to incident management where personnel are outstanding risk assessors and decision makers. Another measurable metric could be the decreased application of operational discretion as procedures will not be as rigid and firefighters will identify hazards and act accordingly. These metrics should form part of the clear vision for the project.

A suitable framework and landing site is required for everything to be accessible to all the people that need to access it and to bring the vision to life.