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Collaboration – Shared workload

National Operational Guidance (NOG) implementation is a huge opportunity to collaborate with other services, especially neighbouring and regional services. Not limited to bordering services though as services with a similar workforce profile, risk profile or platforms provide an excellent opportunity to collaborate and reduce workloads.

The collaboration opportunities enable services to truly get into the detail of where they can and cannot collaborate. Highlighting commonalities across the borders and enabling a consistent approach to cross border working. This is especially prevalent with the increase in regional control rooms. The benefits of common language, equipment, procurement and procedures are substantial.

Collaborative working is especially useful for services where the resources for implementation are limited. It can also lead to collaboration across various departments such as policy, training (eLearning packages) and procurement 

Collaboration internally is also very important between departments especially between strategic leads, the goal is for NOG to become business as usual.

The NFCC has developed a policy and training collaboration dashboard for NOG implementation, which is an excellent tool to see what services are working on and to see what they have implemented so far. It shows both policy and training progress and provides detail on documents and packages created (platform and format) and expected workstreams in the next 6 months.