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by the NFCC

Service Integration Tool (SIT)

Traditionally, fire and rescue services maintain vast amounts of paper and digital documentation for all policy, procedure, training packs, equipment notes and other supplementary material. Updating and adapting this content to support the national guidance may be no small feat, and several services doing it several times in several different ways will inevitably produce a great deal of duplicated work and effort requiring a large amount of resource.  

The Service Integration Tool (SIT) aims to help services implement a more digital-first approach to National Operational Guidance, allowing full integration of local policy, procedure and other supporting materials into a standardised digital platform, all with minimal time, effort and resource required from the organisation. Any updates made to NOG are sent directly to the SIT for assessment and triage to enable management and amendment of any local content in light of changes prior to local publication. The SIT also allows local content to be shared across services. This enables greater national collaboration and reduced duplication of effort; for example, one service could develop a great standardised example of a particular document and share it to others for download into their local system – from here it could be used as-is or adjusted to accommodate any local variance. 

The SIT has been trialled across five services, received positive feedback and will be progressed in 2021.

Each FRS is free to choose how they implement, the SIT is just one option to help do this in a standardised, collaborative and digital-first way.