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Review cycle

The NFCC recommends aligning policy and procedure review to the National Operational Guidance (NOG) review schedule (link to review schedule) to avoid unnecessary duplication of work. The review schedule is subject to occasional change dependant on resource availability and unforeseeable events. 

Linking to the strategic gap analysis (SGA) means a service can remove the requirement for time driven reviews, the work is now centralised so the service only needs to change content when NOG changes. Added benefits associated with this are:

  • Alerts are received and linked directly to the SGA so if done properly a service will know exactly what content to change
  • If a service uses the SIT it will be an automated process
  • Assurance that a policy is never out of date
  • A centralised approach to review means services can adopt a review approach based on local learning and use policy officers to drive improvement

Centralising review and linking it to NOL, means services can be sure that changes to documents are managed effectively and can be sure that they are linked and updated based on lessons from incidents and improvements remain in line with the latest information, hazards and technological developments. At this stage it is outsourced to the 50 FRS so we are pooling and crowd sourcing development without an undue local burden for research and investigation into every safety flash received, in future this will be linked to wider learning from other countries

A dynamic review process to incorporate national learning from National Operational Learning (NOL) and local learning is also recommended to facilitate continuous improvement.

 The NOL Good practice guide