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Control measure
Consider Direct Electronic Incident Transfer (DEIT) /Multi Agency Incident Transfer (MAIT)

Control measure knowledge

The Highways Agency and some police forces use Direct Electronic Incident Transfer (DEIT) to send key incident details to each other's mobilising systems electronically. DEIT uses protocols to allow interoperability between mobilising systems from different manufacturers.

The main driver for using DEIT in the fire and rescue service is its potential to deliver quick, reliable information exchange between all fire and rescue control rooms as well as those of other agencies. This saves time and provides a clear understanding of the assistance required to resolve an incident. It is believed that DEIT would be particularly useful in spate conditions, assisting control rooms in recording incident details on their mobilising system and passing them directly into a queue on the mobilising system of the affected control, for their attention. See:

British APCO: Multi Agency Incident Transfer

Standards Hub: Multi agency incident transfer

(PECS Code of Practice, Draft 4, March 2014)

Strategic actions

Fire and rescue services should:
  • Consider the introduction of DEIT as part of their resilient control room policies

Tactical actions

There are no tactical actions associated with this control measure.