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Control measure

Use a premises based gazetteer

Control measure knowledge

A premises-based gazetteer is a database containing up-to-date address details for the majority of premises, along with other information such as data relating to motorways, streets, towns, villages, and other points of interest. 

If fire and rescue services decide to use a premises-based gazetteer, they should ensure it is maintained and kept up to date. This may be achieved by adopting a gazetteer that is maintained by a third party.

Access to a premises-based gazetteer may be provided to fire control rooms, and to operational personnel via mobile data terminals.

A premises-based gazetteer can:

  • Allow a wide range of valuable information to be held alongside address details and points of interest that can be included in system-generated mobilising messages, such as:
    • Site-Specific Risk Information (SSRI)
    • Plans for sites or buildings
    • Action plans or special procedures for sites such as COMAH
    • Key holder or responsible person details
    • Road closures or restrictions
  • Improve operational efficiency, increase mobilising accuracy and significantly contribute to strengthening the 'speed and accuracy' dimension of resilience
  • Improve the accuracy of an emergency response by enabling exact address information to be relayed to personnel at the time of mobilising
  • Help reduce communication errors between fire control personnel, operational personnel and other agencies
  • Provide personnel with information on the risks they are likely to encounter at specific locations
  • Improve intraoperability and interoperability by providing a common set of address information

Strategic actions

Fire and rescue services should:
  • Consider providing a premises-based gazetteer

  • Consider using the premises-based gazetteer to hold risk information for relevant locations

  • Provide access to the information contained in the premises-based gazetteer to fire control personnel and relevant operational personnel

Tactical actions

Fire control personnel should:
  • Use the premises-based gazetteer to provide relevant information to personnel or other agencies

Incident commanders should:
  • Receive or access relevant information provided by the premises-based gazetteer, and use the information when developing tactical plans