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Control measure
Take legislative duties into account

Control measure knowledge

Fire and rescue authorities should take into account the legal responsibilities placed on them, for example Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004, Data Protection Act 1998, and in particular the requirement that all relevant data held by the fire and rescue service should be available and should be used to reduce and manage operational risk, whether this be to firefighters, other service personnel or others for which the fire and rescue authority is responsible.

Strategic actions

Fire and rescue services should:
  • Have in place an effective information technology strategy which focuses on the operational activities of pre-planning, incident management and post-incident analysis also taking into account legislative duties relating to:

    • Recording of information
    • Storing of Information (See Data Protection Act 1998, Government Security Policy Framework 2014)
    • Security of information (Government Security Policy Framework 2014)
    • Accessibility of information (See Data Protection Act 1998)
    • Sharing information
  • Ensure that the information technology strategy forms part of integrated risk management plan
  • Ensure there are processes in place to identify changes in legislation, and communication strategies to update relevant personnel

Tactical actions

There are no tactical actions associated with this control measure.