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Control measure

Assess the risk of working near water or other liquids

Control measure knowledge

A risk assessment when personnel are working near water or other liquids should take into account: 

  • The necessity of working near water or other liquids 
  • The required proximity to the water or other liquids 
  • The number of personnel required 
  • The operational activity that will take place 
  • The likelihood of accidental entry due to: 
    • Underfoot conditions 
    • Stability of the surrounding area 
    • Gradient 
    • Lack of guarding or barriers 
    • Weather conditions 
    • Reduced visibility 
  • The level of danger presented by the water or other liquids, such as: 
    • Depth 
    • Temperature 
    • Type of liquid, including potential contaminants 
    • Speed of flow 

Strategic actions

Fire and rescue services should:
  • Make risk information regarding the presence of water, or other liquids, available to operational personnel

Tactical actions

Incident commanders should:
  • Avoid working near water or other liquids where possible 

  • Commit the minimum number of personnel to the hazard area when working near water or other liquids

  • Assess the risk of accidental entry into water or other liquids