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Inability to store and retrieve call and incident data

Hazard Knowledge

Completing incident data logs is 'core business' for fire and rescue service control rooms. The incident log is the means for recording or capturing all information specific to an emergency. It must accurately reflect all activities related to that incident. The information collected will consist of:

  • The initial call or calls
  • Emergency call handling process
  • Mobilising resources and assets
  • The information flow to and from the incident ground

The information contained in the log is a chronological record of an incident and will be accessed or referenced long after an incident has been closed. The information may be used for a number of reasons:

  • Learning and development from a strategic, tactical or operational viewpoint
  • Post-incident investigations, including for fires, accidents or potential criminality
  • Sharing with other emergency responders or agencies

The communication and mobilising systems set up by fire control rooms can be used for incident data and logging. The log endorsements are the responsibility of fire control personnel and there should be regular reviews to ensure accuracy, quality and consistency in accordance with relevant legislation, guidance and protocols.