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Failing to make resources ready for redeployment or otherwise before leaving the incident ground

Hazard Knowledge

The responsibilities of the incident commanders in relation to managing operational resources, including personnel, does not end when the incident is in its 'closing stage'. All equipment used at the incident will need to be accounted for, made up and, on return to the station, either need to be replenished or be subjected to the necessary testing requirements before being made fully operational again.

Resources need to be made ready for redeployment; failing to correctly do this could result in mobilisation to another incident in an inappropriate state. Before being deemed fully-operational, equipment will need to be appropriately:

  • Accounted for
  • Made-up
  • Replenished
  • Decontaminated
  • Tested

Communication between the commander of appliances, personnel and fire control room  is essential throughout this phase to ensure all parties have knowledge of the operational status of appliances and personnel before leaving the incident ground. Failing to communicate this information could result in the fire control room incorrectly deploying vehicles and personnel to another incident.