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Control measure

National Resilience: Carry out a sector assessment (ASR level 2)

Control measure knowledge

The main purpose of this assessment is to identify specific and viable live rescue sites within an allocated sector of operations. It should be carried out as soon as possible after the wide area assessment (ASR level 1) and when sectors have been established. It needs to be a fast-paced but methodical assessment.

Depending on the extent and area of damage, the sector assessment is usually co-ordinated by an urban search and rescue (USAR) search manager. It is assumed that most of the ambulant casualties will have already been removed, therefore rescue operations are not usually carried out during this level.

The benefits and limitations of search dogs, technical search equipment and drones should be considered when planning the assessment.

Worksites and the worksite ID system

Any site where significant USAR operations are likely to take place will be referred to as a worksite.

However, if a worksite is identified as a potential live rescue location, it will be allocated a worksite ID. The worksite ID system uses sets of 25 identification cards for each USAR team. Worksite IDs display critical information about the particular worksite which is simple to understand and apply. It allows worksites to be easily recognised and should be applied to collapsed structures where USAR operations are undertaken. The worksite ID system assists in the co-ordination of USAR activity across potentially large sectors or areas of operations.

Strategic actions

National Resilience should:
  • Provide USAR guidance material and supporting documentation for completion by specialist responders

Tactical actions

Specialist responders should:
  • Liaise with the incident commander or USAR co-ordination cell when carrying out a sector assessment

  • Allocate an appropriate worksite ID to worksites

  • Complete a ‘USAR 05 Worksite Triage Form’ when carrying out a sector assessment

  • Request additional resources to carry out rescues if casualties are found when carrying out a sector assessment

  • Consider using search dogs when carrying out a sector assessment

  • Consider using technical search equipment when carrying out a sector assessment

  • Consider requesting drones when carrying out a sector assessment