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ARCHIVED - Failure to record information

Hazard Knowledge

Policies and procedures should reflect that:

  • All service activities are part of an integrated approach to managing risk, thereby ensuring safe systems of work for all employees
  • All relevant information is recorded and available for those who legitimately need to access the information
  • These policies and procedures are 'owned' at strategic management level

In developing the policy, the organisation should consider:

  • Legislative duties, outlined in Emergency Fire Control Operations.
  • Co-ordination with other core functions or policies, notably health and safety, integrated risk management, fire safety enforcement and civil resilience
  • The needs of those working in the organisation and the hazards they face
  • The historical and current performance of the organisation in providing operational risk information and the impact on health and safety and community safety
  • The opportunities and needs for continual improvement
  • The views of interested parties, including other emergency responders
  • Confirming or establishing realistic and achievable objectives