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Lack of co-ordinated search plan: All searches

Hazard Knowledge

Fire and rescue services may need to search for people in a variety of settings; this may involve wide area searches.

Additional hazards for specific search environments are provided in:

  • Lack of co-ordinated search plan: Outdoor searches
  • Lack of co-ordinated search plan: Unstable or collapsed structures
  • Lack of co-ordinated search plan: Mode of transport

The lack of a co-ordinated search plan may present hazards including:

  • An increased time taken to locate people, resulting in:
  • A delay in finding people, which allows time for them to move away from their last known position (LKP); they may move due to factors such as:
    • The impact of the incident, such as firespread or flooding
    • Confusion
    • Seeking assistance
  • An increased time to complete the search of an area, as a result of:
    • Duplication of effort, with the same area being unnecessarily searched more than once
    • Areas being searched out of sequence or being missed
  • Difficulty in managing resources and equipment when searching, which could result in:
    • Deploying resources to search for people who have already left the area or building
    • Withdrawing resources from the area or building while people are still unaccounted for
    • Having insufficient resources or equipment to achieve the search plan