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March 08, 2019

Control measure - Substance identification: Radioactive materials

Minor amendment - formatting General control measure link added

February 26, 2018

Tactical Action - Use signs, labels, markings and container types to identify the presence of radioactive materials

Tactical Action - Identify the location, physical state (solid, liquid, gas), type and quantity of the released radioactive material

Strategic Action - Provide systems for recognising and interpreting radioactive materials signage

Tactical Action - Use detection equipment to identify and monitor levels of the radioactive materials involved

Tactical Action - Obtain specialist advice from hazardous materials advisors (HMAs), scientific advisers, on-site ...

Strategic Action - Ensure there are means of recording known locations with radioactive materials

Control measure - Substance identification: Radioactive materials

New guidance approved for publication December 2017 NIF

Strategic Action - Provide the means for accessing specialist advice specific to radioactive materials