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Telemetry is technology that allows for remote measurement, reporting and recording of information. In the context of fire and rescue service use, BA wearer information is transmitted to the telemetry board at the BA entry control point.

Siting of the telemetry BA entry control board or unit should take into account the optimal position for maximising the effective range of telemetry. It will therefore have a bearing on the location of the BA entry control point.

Although all telemetry equipment will have similar functionality, each fire and rescue service will need to develop their own procedures for their specific equipment. However, they should attempt to develop interoperable telemetry BA command and control procedures and BA equipment procedures for using telemetry.

Telemetry communications signal failure

There are various reasons for a loss of telemetry. The most likely is that the telemetry radio unit is temporarily out of range of the telemetry BA entry control board or unit.

Users of telemetry should be aware that, like any device that relies on radio transmissions, telemetry radio units could be out of range because of their distance from the control board or unit or owing to conditions at the incident inhibiting effective radio broadcast.

There may be locations where Site-Specific Risk Information (SSRI) indicates that signal broadcast, and therefore telemetry, will not be achieved. At these locations, fire and rescue services should establish alternative control measures to maintain effective BA command and control in the absence of telemetry.

Arrangements should be put in place to manage and operate the available telemetry, and to monitor information received via telemetry at the BA entry control point throughout the duration of BA deployment.

Depending on the scope and scale of the expected BA deployment, and in accordance with the incident plan, additional support to the person responsible for the BA entry control point may be required.