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Unconventional or specialist road vehicles

Hazard Knowledge

Fire and rescue services may encounter unconventional or specialist vehicles that present different hazards to those of common vehicles. Unconventional, including emergency service response vehicles which may contain:

  • Biohazards
  • Compressed gas cylinders
  • Firearms
  • Prisoners or detainees

Agricultural vehicles, which may contain large quantities of pesticides or chemicals; these vehicles may be transported by farm machinery on roads and remote farmland. There may be instances where it is difficult to identify substances because they are premixed or loaded from containers for spreading. Some agricultural vehicles use radioactive monitoring or measuring equipment known as 'yield meters', which may present a hazard if the stainless steel casing has been melted in a fire.

Reinforced security or armoured vehicles carrying prisoners or detainees, high value contents or items of an explosive or radioactive nature; these vehicles may have enhanced security features and/or be constructed using strengthened materials, adding to the complexities of managing such a vehicle.

Livestock transport vehicles, where the release of animals could affect the scene of operations and present further hazards to other road users, members of the public and emergency response personnel. 

Military vehicles, which may contain munitions and firearms.