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Intraoperability and interoperability

Given the potential size and scale of wildfire incidents, the guidance acknowledges that operational activity may involve more than one fire and rescue service and/or may also involve land management agencies and other rural sector stakeholders. Planning and preparation will help fire and rescue services to work effectively with adjoining fire and rescue services and other rural sector stakeholders.

Land owners and managers have local knowledge that may assist fire and rescue services attending a wildfire. Pre-planning should enable fire and rescue services to identify who to contact and how to contact them. Local land managers may be able to provide information about access, animals, livestock and visitors. They may also be able to provide specialist vehicles and equipment.

This guidance has been developed for UK fire and rescue services. However, it could also be used as a source of information for rural sector stakeholders, such as land managers, to gain an understanding of the fire and rescue service's operational activities.