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Control measure

Provide lighting

Control measure knowledge

Lighting is important at any scene of operations, and there are further considerations when selecting lighting for use in a confined space. Lighting should be intrinsically safe because of the potential for flammable atmospheres in confined space working. Even if the scene to be lit has been assessed using gas monitoring equipment and does not contain flammable gases, pockets of gas could still be released once operations have commenced, as in sewer environments, for example.

If it is assessed that there is no risk of a flammable atmosphere, consideration should be given to the heat that can be generated in a confined space if halogen bulbs are used for lighting. Ideally, light emitting diodes (LED) or low heat output lighting systems should be considered.

See National Operational Guidance: Operations - Health, safety and welfare.

Tactical actions

There are no tactical actions associated with this control measure.