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Control measure

Manage risk from non-ionising radiation

Control measure knowledge

It may be necessary to isolate the non-ionising radiation source so that responders can work safely. The information on the signage will normally need to be obtained to contact the responsible person to confirm isolation of the source.

If possible, the source of the non-ionising radiation should be avoided.

The effects of non-ionising radiation depend on the distance from the source, the time exposed and the power level. If there is no other choice but to be exposed to non-ionising radiation, the distance from the source must be as far as possible and the time exposed must be kept to a minimum.

Tactical actions

Incident commanders should:
  • Establish and control appropriate cordons to keep personnel away from sources of non-ionising radiation
  • Identify the responsible body and isolate the power to radio mast or tower before commencing operations