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Developed and maintained
by the NFCC


This 'context guidance' has been developed to assist fire and rescue services in identifying hazards and implementing control measures at operational incidents where utility or fuel supplies might need to be managed or controlled.

The guidance deals with utility or fuel supplies at operational incidents, from the point of generation or production through to the point of supply to the customer.

Because of similarities in the production, storage and distribution of utilities, this guidance also covers generic hazards for the fuel industry. However, in accordance with the structure of the National Operational Guidance framework, any hazards relating to specific fuel types will be dealt with in the guidance for hazardous materials.

This guidance does not deal with fire and rescue service operations such as incident command, fires and firefighting, performing rescues or environmental protection; other National Operational Guidance deals with those activities.

This guidance is supported by supplementary information that provides further detail on individual subject areas.