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Control measure

Remain in place: Electricity

Control measure knowledge

If a person is within 5m of high-voltage electricity, but is insulated or protected, for example in a vehicle or on a non-conductive platform, they should be instructed to remain in place if it safe for them to do so. They should remain there until the power supply has been isolated, unless it becomes hazardous for them to do so. 

Until the high-voltage supply can be isolated by the distribution network operator (DNO) or transmission operator (TO), personnel should adhere to a 10m exclusion zone from the source of high-voltage electricity. 

Strategic actions

Fire and rescue services should:
  • Establish arrangements with local distribution network operators (DNOs) and transmission operators (TOs), and maintain up-to-date emergency contact details in their fire control rooms

Tactical actions

Incident commanders should:
  • Instruct a person who is insulated or protected from high-voltage electricity to remain in place if it is safe for them to do so

  • Request isolation of high-voltage electricity from the relevant distribution network operator (DNO) or transmission operator (TO)

  • Adhere to a 10m exclusion zone until isolation has been confirmed by the relevant distribution network operator (DNO) or transmission operator (TO)