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Radiation (nuclear power generation)

Hazard Knowledge

A nuclear power site is a thermal power station in which the heat source is a nuclear reactor. As is typical in conventional thermal power stations, the heat is used to generate steam, which drives a steam turbine connected to an electric generator, which produces electricity.

These sites are very secure and have detailed emergency procedures that any responding fire and rescue service will be aware of and will have exercised on a regular basis.

All generating nuclear power stations (and those in the first stages of decommissioning) will be patrolled by armed officers from the Civil Nuclear Constabulary and will have a wide range of protective security systems. All fire and rescue service activity on these sites will be carried out under escort and in accordance with predetermined arrangements.

The radioactive source, such as uranium rods, will be an additional hazard at these sites, and will require additional consideration for fire and rescue service personnel when attending incidents on site.

Refer to the Industry supplementary information about Decommissioning of nuclear power stations.