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Control measure

Stabilise and anchor the vehicle

Control measure knowledge

The risk of a vehicle moving or flipping should be considered as part of the extrication plan and appropriate control measures used to secure the vehicle prior to the start of casualty removal. Personnel should avoid working directly in the downstream path of unsecured vehicles that are or may become buoyant.

Anchoring a vehicle will reduce the likelihood of it moving and reduce the risk of harm to emergency service personnel, members of the public and persons trapped inside the vehicle. When anchoring a vehicle, consider the affects any method of securing the vehicle will have on the extrication of casualties.

Strategic actions

Fire and rescue services should:
  • Provide appropriate equipment to stabilise or anchor vehicles in water

Tactical actions

Incident commanders should:
  • Consider the stability of unsecured vehicles

  • Consider hydrology and vehicle stability during approach to a vehicle in water

  • Consider securing or anchoring vehicles in water

  • Regularly assess and review the effectiveness of the stabilisation techniques employed