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Control measure

Mobilise appropriate National Resilience assets for flooding

Control measure knowledge

When assessing mutual aid requirements consideration must be given to the time of day, distance to be travelled, logistical arrangements including rest and accommodation centres etc. The National Resilience Fire Control (NRFC), usually assisted by a National Resilience Officer or a flood rescue tactical adviser (TacAd), will co-ordinate the mobilisation of mutual aid for flood rescue, in partnership with the receiving authority.

A system of team typing has been developed for flood rescue teams. This system provides assurance regarding the capabilities of each element deployed and that each operates to a common standard and specification irrespective of the organisation to which it belongs.

The Flood Rescue Concept of Operations provides further details on the specification for each team type.

If assets that are on the national asset register are deployed through local agreements, it is imperative that the NRFC is informed, so that these assets are flagged as not available for deployment elsewhere.

Strategic actions

National Resilience should:
  • Maintain a register of flood rescue assets by gathering updates from the holders of those registered assets, including their current availability

  • Request flood rescue assets by contacting responder organisations using agreed NCAF protocols for mobilisation; this will either be individual fire and rescue services or a control room or nominated contact(s) for an external organisation

  • Maintain a register of qualified flood rescue TacAds, including their current availability

  • Mobilise flood rescue TacAds as required

Tactical actions

Specialist responders should:
  • Assist the NRFC with the mobilisation of flood rescue assets