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Control measure

Accepting flood rescue assets

Control measure knowledge

All Flood rescue assets, irrespective of their organisation, will be required to comply with the incident command structure. Upon arrival, all flood rescue assets should produce a pre-prepared team data sheet in accordance with the concept of operations. This should be presented at the RVP, SHA or MASHA, so that each asset can be checked in and directed as appropriate to the incident. Usually a Flood Rescue Tac Adviser performs a ‘credentialing’ process to assess the capability of responding assets.

Details of incident arrangements (as detailed in the concept of operations) should be provided to the team leaders of the flood rescue assets on arrival at the RVP, SHA or MASHA, including:

  • Communications detail
  • Logistics, using enhanced logistics support (ELS) protocols
  • Mapping or on-scene detail
  • Location of casualty landing sites and/or reception centres
  • Location of fuel provision for vehicles and powered craft

Strategic actions

National Resilience should:
  • Provide flood rescue supporting documentation for completion by specialist responders

Tactical actions

Specialist responders should:
  • Ensure that all flood rescue assets are checked in and provided with incident arrangements on arrival, prior to tasking