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Control measure

National Resilience: Tasking flood rescue resources

Control measure knowledge

The resources to deal with the incident should be matched effectively against the incident need. The flood rescue tactical advisers (TacAds) will provide detailed tactical capability-relevant advice to the incident commander. This will inform the allocation of a specific site for each team within the holding area, with an established means of communication prior to tasking. Different team types should be clearly identified  and located accordingly for immediate deployment.

The incident requirements should be recorded and communicated to the flood rescue response that will carry out the tasks required. Teams should be given a comprehensive operational and task specific brief. To ensure flood rescue activity is effectively managed, briefings and records should include elements such as:

  • A record of the task to be carried out
  • Which flood asset the task has been assigned to
  • Start and finish times
  • How progress will be monitored
  • Search audit
  • Decision logs, narratives and action logs
  • Handover briefings

A full debrief should be undertaken to capture lessons learned; this should assist with planning for future

Strategic actions

National Resilience should:
  • Gather and assess information from debriefs, including any lessons learned that are relevant for specialist responders

Tactical actions

Specialist responders should:
  • Provide briefings to flood rescue teams

  • Keep records and logs of flood rescue teams briefs and debriefs

  • Provide regular updates to the National Resilience Fire Control via the enhanced logistical support (ELS)