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Developed and maintained
by the NFCC


This guidance on wildfires has been developed for fire and rescue services operating throughout the whole of the UK.

Fire and rescue services may also find it useful to refer to the Scottish Government's Wildfire Operational Guidance that was published in 2013. The publication was produced specifically for Scotland but it remains a good source of detailed information on wildfire operations and contains useful illustrations that can be used by all fire and rescue services in the UK for training purposes. The Scottish Government's publication also provides specific information on wildfire preparedness, pre-planning and partnership activities; these are important topics but are outside the scope of National Operational Guidance.

The following guidance for wildfires does not replace the Scottish Government's publication, but ensures that guidance on wildfire incidents is now available for fire and rescue services across the whole of the UK. It should also be noted that the two documents are compatible with one another; this guidance for wildfires focuses solely on wildfire operations, while the Scottish Government's publication addresses wildfire issues in a much broader context.